I am happy to announce that recently passed okta professional and administrator exams !

Okta is a great IdaaS provider and simplified the single sign on implementation for organizations. I have been working on Okta for last 2 years and finally decided to go for certification this year, when Okta offered discount on certifications, which costed a 250$ exam only 50$. Also Okta certification team was generous to give me a discount code as well.

I went for Okta administrator exam first without realizing that Okta professional exam is a must to get the okta badges, So if you are planning for Okta administrator, first go for Okta professional exam.

Preparation Material

Okta has it’s own training material but in my opinion, that’s costly, so I went for self study and passed this exam by watching a Udemy course, Okta provided practice tests and Okta product documentation.

Course Outline

It is must to go through course outline and finding which session has what weightage, This will help you to prioritize, which chapter requires more focus.

Exam Practice Tests

Once you have read Couse content, you should go for these practice exams, This will help to find out your current knowledge set, exam test method etc.

I did these practice exams twice, so probably there is no limit in doing test multiple times .

Udemy Course

This course by  Tom Mitchell should be watched. It will help you to know many terms related to okta, I wasn’t aware of few features by Okta before watching this course :

Okta Product Doc

You would have already seen weightage of each subject areas in course outline, that outline has hyperlinks of product doc, so go read the topics which are worth most first and then gradually, move to rest of the topics


It took me about 1 month to prepare for both exams and I felt that following above material helped me, This exam wasn’t tough and it was mainly based on the knowledge to test the basics.

Thank you for reading !