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Azure AD Connect cloud Provisioning could be helpful for the organizations with no hybrid or advanced configuration connectivity. and they just need to sync user to cloud for basic stuff.

There is a table with the information on the different between Azure AD Connect and this one, please refer :

Steps mentioned below will help you to know the installation steps and How a objects appear in Azure.

Pre-requisites :

  • Active Directory Domain Credentials
  • Office 365 Global Administrator Credentials
  • Domain Joined Windows Server 2016 R2.
  • .Net 4.7.1 or higher on Windows Server 2016 R2.

Configuration Steps :

  • Login to
  • Navigate to Azure Active Directory > Azure AD Connect
  • Click on ‘Manager Provisioning (Preview).

Click on ‘Download Agent”, You will notice that “New Configuration” is grayed out, It will become available, once you install you first agent.

Copy it to Domain Joined Windows Server and Double Click

Follow on screen prompt and install.

Once agent installed, “New Configuration” will allow configuration.

Click on “Edit Scoping Filter’ and specify OU Distinguished name to only sync users of those OUs.

Click on “Logs” to find if new users are being synced from On Premise.

It took almost 10-15 minutes, before I could see new User synced by the agents.

This way, we were able to configure the agents, Microsoft suggests to have more than 1 agent installed on-premise for high availability.

Thank you for reading ! I will come up with it’s more usage cases.