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Office Message Encryption a.k.a OME in Exchange Online (Office 365) allows sender to  encrypt emails with confidential content and it’s implement and usage is very easy.

I recently worked to move from Office Messaging Encryption v1 to Office Message Encryption V2 but saw that it doesn’t work with shared mailboxes. I would say to not upgrade to OME v2 if they are concerned for emails being delivered to shared mailboxes.

I would try to explain in rest of the article that how this feature will impact.

Issue Description : 

OME v2 uses Azure IRM in backend and if you login to a shared mailbox in OWA then you will see below message and it won’t allow you to access the content.

unale to open

Cause :

Shared mailboxes do not have active account and that’s the reason it can’t be used to access IRM Protected content.


Switch back to OMEv1 or don’t upgrade to OMEv2, OMEv1 is better feature because that provides option to receive OTP and that you can receive on shared mailbox and content can be accessed.

Thank you for reading !