Most of the organizations now a days moving from Microsoft Exchange Server to Exchange Online (Office 365) but There are many pre-requisites and one of them is enabling Exchange Hybrid within Azure AD Connect.

Today I was working on a LAB Exchange Environment and suddenly found that Exchange Hybrid Deployment Option is grayed out, let us see in this post what was the reason and how i fixed it.

Issue Description :

‘Exchange hybrid deployment’ option is grayed out.

Hybrid Grayed Out

Scenario :

  • Installed Domain Controller on Server 2012 R2.
  • Installed Azure AD Connect 1.1.882.0 on Server 2012 R2 Domain Controller. (since it is a lab environment).
  • Installed Exchange 2013 CU 19 on another Server.
  • Ran Exchange Hybrid Wizard on Exchange Server.
  • Now I wanted to enable exchange write back feature to sync attributes from cloud or enable Online Archive feature.

Fix :

Azure AD Connect schema need to be refreshed, becuase I installed azure ad connect before installing exchange server. This type of scenario woulndn’t be expected in on-preminse infra but we should be awre about the fix.

  • Launch Azure AD Connect
  • Click on ‘Refresh directory Schema’


  • Provide Azure AD Global Admin Credentials.
  • Click on ‘Refresh Directory Schema’, It will show that on-prem connector will be updated.


  • This will take few minutes based on your attribute count.
  • At the end you will asked to run syncrronization, It will run full import.


  • At the end you will get confirmation that schema has been refreshed.


  • Now you will see that ‘exchange hybrid’ option is visible.


Thank you for reading !