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It is always critical to have good reputation of IPs sending email for your organization. Bad reputation of IPs can cause serious issues to email delivery.

This article will focus on checking reputation of IPs sending corporate emails not bulk emails. We should regularly check reputation of IPs and subscribe to services of provider like returnpath but reputation monitoring could be first priority when you are switching to new PUBLIC IP or changing your EMAIL PROVIDER who provides dedicated IPs.

If you search for reputation providers then you will get ton of names but initially you should focus only on prominent authorities, who can affect your large % of emails.

These are few Service Providers and Reputation Systems :

What if my email reputation is bad :

  • Monitor that you are not generating so much bounce backs.
  • Your Public IPs must have correct pointer records.
  • You must publish your IPs in spf record.
  • You must sign your email with correct DKIM Records.

Above list of authority and mesures is not complete, I will add more details later and put one IP Warm UP plan so that you can build reputaiton of your IPs gradually.

Thank you for reading !