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You have to sometime capture historical performance of a windows server, there are many monitoring tools available but Perform is equally beneficial. Steps outlined in the doc can be used on most of the newer windows servers.

  • Login to the server.
  • Type perfmon.msc in run.
  • Navigate to “data collector sets” and click on “New” and then “Data Collector Set”
  • Type to friendly Name and click on “choose from a template”
  • Click on “basic” since, we only need CPU, Memory details in this scenario but you can select others as per your need.
  • Click “Finish”
  • Click on recently created Data Collects Sets and go to “Properties”

Data Collector Sets > User Defined

  • You can defined the size and when to create a new file for the collected data.
  • Click on data collector set under “Data Collector Sets” and Double Click on “performance counter” to validate what parameters will be captured, you can add more counter if needed.
  • Here you can find all the performance counter would be collected, and can add more if needed.
  • Now starting the data collector, will start putting the data to the specified folder.

Thanks for reading !