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I have been trying to get Microsoft E3 or Microsoft E5 for testing purpose for long time but today came to know about Microsoft Developer Account. Earlier I used to create a new office 365 for testing and you can understand, it is always a pain to setup these. It seems I have got the answer with Microsoft Developer Account.

Microsoft offers a 90 days Microsoft 365 E5 developer subscriptions, which extends every 90 days and can be used for development purpose, As it’s name says.

One good thing is about this developer account is to get dummy account and data created by just few clicks of these option. Later in the article, you will see about creating sample data.

How to Get a Microsoft Developer Account ?

Navigate to below URL and Sign Up for an account, you can use your personal email address :

You will be asked basic question to create your developer account, choose options as per your choice :

Click on “Set up E5 Subscription”

Type your Tenant Information :

It will take 2-3 minutes and your tenant will be ready.

Now, your tenant is ready. you can click on “Go to Subscription” and login with admin account you mentioned above.

Found 25 Licenses of “Microsoft 365 E5 Developer (without Windows and Audio Conferencing)” in tenant.

Setup Microsoft Developer Account

Let’s add sample data to the tenant by clicking “Users”, Mail & Events and Sharepoint”.

Upcoming screenshot will tell you about each of above.


I could see that accounts are now showing up in

Mail :

Now, Let’s populate Mail Data as well.


Sharepoint data will take longest around 2 hours, as mentioned below.

Now you can login to and launch individual Admin Centers to work on invidiual workloads.

If you face issue in getting exchange online provisioning, please wait for a day and then create a support with them.

Also visit this url for more detail on renewal –

I hope this was helpful, enjoy your developer account !

Update on Oct 08, 2020

I logged in to my developer account and Now could see that subscription has been renewed automatically

Thank you for reading !