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DNS plays a crucial role in everything running on internet and it would be a nightmare if an incorrect dns record causes problem to your website or application.

In this article, I will explain about few websites, which can be used to find historical data of any domain or record on internet.

Let’s say somebody made changes to a particular dns record and because of that issue occurred but you don’t have the necessary detail to quickly revert it back, In those situation some of these DNS Historical Information provider can help you.

One of them is and I used their website to lookup for a domin and it told me the changes done to a dns record.

You can check history of a domain without signing up on their website. Let’s check the history of txt record for

  • Click on TXT Record.
  • Here you go with the history of TXT Record and now you can revert to the last see entry.

If you are a security researcher or need historical data for any other purpose, you can sign up for free account and if needed buy one of their paid plans.

With this blog, I don’t refer you to use securitytrails only, you can use any other provider but I really wanted to explain a concept that it really exists.

Thank you for the time !