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In my past article for multi geo, I explained how to use extensionAttribute1 to populate preferredDataLocation  attribute on office 365 mailboxes for users synchronized through azure ad connect.

Microsoft says couple of times about extensionAttribute1 hence most of us may just focus on this article and think that if extensionAttribute ranging from 1 to 14  are exhausted then we can’t do anything. There is high chance that CA1 to CA14 would already been used in your organization.

Hence let’s find out what can we do ?

Microsoft said that we can use any other single-valued  attribute for the transformation. In this article I will use msExchExtensionAttribute45 instead of extensionAttribute1.

Let’s find if msExchExtensionAttribute45  is single-valued value ?

  • Launch Adsidedit.msc
  • Connect to Schema with these options : schema.PNG
  • Now scroll for msExchExtensionAttribute45 schema1
  • Make sure you see isSingleValued with value of True, Now you can proceed to next step.
  •  singlevalued.png

Enable Sync of msExchExtensionAttribute45  in Azure AD Connect for On-Prem Connector

  • Launch AD Connect Synchronization Tool.
  • Click on ‘Connector’ and then select on-prem connector and click on Properties2.PNG
  • Check Mark to ‘show all’ then look for msExchExtensionAttribute45  and check mark. This will make it available for synchronization.singlevalued.png

Now follow my previous article to create transformation rule, just replace circled value with msExchExtensionAttribute45.


Let’s suppose that you followed all the steps, and updated msExchExtensionAttribute45  with IND for, now we will see how synchronization will show attribute in Azure AD Connect.


This reflects in Azure AD as well.

  • Initially the value was blank but as soon as above synchronization reflects in Office 365, It shows new value.singlevalued.png

Thank you reading !