Recently, I had to install Microsoft DPM 2016 to perform a test scenario. Before we jump to Installation steps, I faced an issue with installation because i ignored hard requirement of sql server version, Please make sure to check sql requirement for respective DPM server before starting installation.

In my case DPM 2016 with any service pack doesn’t work with SQL Server 2016, it will only work with SQL Server 2014 SP2; SQL Server 2012 SP4. Please refer Microsoft official url for more information.

You can use these screenshots for installation :

  • Extract Microsoft DPM locally on server.
  • Click on ‘Setup.exe’


  • Click on ‘Data Protection Manager’ Hyperlink and accept licensing terms.


  • It may take new 1-2 minutes and next window will appear.2.dpm
  • Click ‘next’3.dpm
  • I have standalone database, hence type the name of sql instance and then press TAB.4.dpm
  • Click on ‘Check and Install’5.dpm
  • Wait on this screen, it will take few minutes. Also sometime if you have SQL Server Version mismatch like if you are using SQL Server 2016 then you will get error code 4387 and setup will close. Please see this url for reference.6.dpm
  • Please wait 7.dpm
  • Type your company name and click ‘next’, it is just for easy identification.10.dpm
  • You can change location of binaries but it is suggested to keep it in C Drive. Click ‘Next.11.dpm
  • Select your necessary option and click ‘next’12.dpm
  • Click on ‘Install’13.dpm
  • Installation will take next 10-15 minutes based on the server resource you have.14.dpm
  • Click ‘Close’ you have successfully installed Microsoft DPM.16.dpm
  • You can click on ‘Microsoft System Center 2016 Data Protection Manager’ shortcut to launch wizard. We still have so many things to configure.17.dpm
  • I will explain in my next article how to take backup of Exchange Server 2013 Databases in DAG environment.

Thank you for reading !