Offline media is just a boo-table USB created from ConfigMgr console that can be used to image systems. Under certain scenarios, imaging using offline media may prove to be more efficient and effective than imaging over the network. Offline media offers the following advantages and disadvantages over imaging over the network.


  • Imaging using offline media is faster than over the network imaging.
  • Imaging using offline media doesnt require connectivity to SCCM distribution points, as packages and applications are present on the offline media.


  • Offline media doesn’t allow changing package and application content on the fly. Each time any change is made to the task sequence, the offline media has to be recreated.
  • This offline media doesn’t need SCCM environment as it contains all the required stuff like OS image, software packages etc.


We can use offline media as a fail over/backup when there is some issue with SCCM imaging.
Use of offline media doesn’t affect the requirements of new imaged systems when there is ongoing issue with SCCM OSD.
This offline media doesn’t need SCCM environment as it contents all the required stuff like OS image, software packages etc.

Preparing USB sticks

First you have to format existing USB stick using diskpart command. Following are the steps:

* Type diskpart and press enter

* Type list disk and press enter

* Identify the disk number of your USB device.

* Type select disk “your USB disk number” example: select disk 2 and press enter

* Type clean (be aware – this will format your USB stick!) and press enter

* Type create partition primary and press enter

* Type format fs=ntfs quick and press enter

* Type assign and press enter

* Type exit and press enter

This completes the preparation of the USB stick. Below is an example of the same: 

Creating task sequence media:

  1. GO to Application Management->Operating Systems->Task Sequences 

2. Right click on task sequences and select Create Task Sequence Media 

3. Select following options in next screen: 

 4. On Next screen select USB stick and press Ok. 

5. It will give you warning for formatting your USB drive click Yes. 

6. Please enter password to protect your media and click Next: 

7. Select the task sequence for which you want to create Offline media and click next 

 8. Select the distribution point for local site test.com, click add to add this distribution point to media. 

 9. Click Next after adding distribution points 

10. Click next 

11. Click Next, it will prompt you UAC message, click Yes.

12. It will start creating standalone USB: 

5. Monitoring logs for Stand-alone Media  

You can check the log CreateTsMedia.log for monitoring the process.

Log location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Configuration Manager\AdminConsole\AdminUILog

When you open log this will show you each step it is performing to create 

When process completes you will see following status at the bottom 

Task sequence media wizard also shows the completion status: